Price Entry Incentive Program

What is the incentive program?

Submit prices, earn prizes. GreenSource wants to reward users for submitting price information to the app. Winners will be chosen randomly.

Do I have a better chance of winning the prize if I submit more price information?

Yes, the more price information that you submit, the better your chance of winning. But you will not be considered eligible for a prize if you submit 4 "Unknown" entries. You must submit at least one price range. Multiple price entries for one dispensary does not improve your chances of winning - however, multiple price entries for multiple dispensaries improves your chances.

How will I be notified that I won the prize?

You will receive an email from GreenSource notifying you that you've won.

When does the incentive program begin?

Soon - GreenSource will make an announcement on this website via the blog to notify users when the incentive program will begin.

Do I have to be logged in?

Yes, users must first create an account on the home screen. Then, users must be logged in and submit price information to be eligible for a prize.

Am I automatically eligible for price entry incentives?

Yes, if you created an account and are logged in when you submit prices.

Am I guaranteed a prize if I am logged in and submit prices?

No, you are not guaranteed a prize by simply creating an account and being logged in.


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